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    2011年起至今,我公司一直與以色列合作,在古城耶路撒冷聯合舉辦大型冰雪藝術展覽,將美麗的冰雪藝術帶入這座古老而富有底蘊的文 化名城。以色列民眾對于冰展表現出了超凡的熱情,在這座人口不 足百萬的城市里,每天有上萬的觀眾前來參觀, 我們的冰展取得了 超乎想象的成功。以色列總理內塔尼亞胡偕夫人參觀了我們的冰 展,并感謝我們將如此美麗的冰雪藝術帶到以色列。

    From 2011 up to now, we have been cooperating with Israel to hold large ice & snow exhibitions in Jerusalem, and bring our beautiful ice snow art to this old well-known cultural city. To our surprise, Israel people show extraordinary enthusiasm on it. In this city whose population is less than one million, there are over ten thousand visitors coming. Our ice exhibition get a big success which is beyond our imagination. Premier of Israel, Netanyahu and his wife has visited this event and appreciated us for bringing so beautiful ice art to Israel.

    2009年至今,公司與泰國國家旅游局、合艾市政府合作。泰國冰展平均每年 吸引了將近40萬次的觀眾觀看。

    From 2009 up to now, we have been cooperating with Thailand National Tourism Bureau and Hat Yai Municipal Government. to conduct The Thailand ice exhibition whichhas attracted about 400,000 visitors each year.


    011年我公司與澳門The Venetian Macao酒店聯合舉辦 《冰FUN世界》大型冰雪藝術展,取得了空前的成功。 澳門The Venetian Macao度假酒店是美國拉斯維加斯--金沙集 團投資二十億美金所建,擁有世界一流設施,是澳門 最大的酒店和文化娛樂公司。

    澳門冰展我們采用了新的經營理念。聘請了國際 一流設計團隊進行創作,簽約美國夢工廠動畫公司,每 年推出不同的冰雪娛樂主題樂園。完美再現了如:《怪物 史萊克》、《馴龍高手》、《功夫熊貓》等經典動畫故事 場景。

    在澳門這種文化底蘊深厚的城市襯托下,ICEWORLD 的冰雪藝術被越來越多的人所喜愛。

    From 2011 up to now, we have been cooperating with the Venetian Macao to hold large ice & snow exhibitions—Ice Fun World, which got big success. The Venetian Macao is built by American Las Vegas Sands Group with an investment of $2 billion. Being assembled with the world-top facilities, the Venetian Macao is the biggest hotel and entertainment company in Macao. We have adopted new operation concept to the Macao ice exhibition. We employ an international top design team to create and sign with American DreamWorks Animation to create different ice & snow entertainment themed wonderlands each year. We have perfectly reappeared classic animated story scenes such as Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda, etc. In the backdrop of this city with deep culture, the ice and snow art of ICE WORLD is pursued by more and more people. Each year, there are nearly 400,000 person visiting the ice exhibition. In 2011, the Macao ice exhibition got the first prize for the number of visitors in one exhibition by Macao Government Tourist Office.